From the Desk of Lisa B.

Are you a paper hoarder? I know I am. I am really trying to get better at it, especially after seeing two years of billing statements from my wireless carrier just sitting around. If you are like me the paper statement is your signal that this really needs to be paid. But what if you had an app that would remind you if a bill was coming up? Well there is something called “Billminder” that can do just that. Billminder allows you to set up all of your bills and sends you alerts every seven and thirty days out that you have one due. The app even comes with a calendar that marks the days in red for payments due. There is also a reporting and graph section to help you track how much you are spending. You can set a password to log in with and setting up a new account is a breeze. This nifty little helper should keep you organized and on track especially if you have a busy schedule. Billminder is $2.99 and available for the iPhone and iPad. Share with us your favorite app.

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