Gator Wings?


Me and the G man (my husband) just got back from vacation in Florida. After a relaxing time there I was reflecting on our different stops for food.

I have never been a wings fan in the past due to the excessive hosing down of my hands and face after eating them. There was something about getting messy that did not appeal to me. Have you ever ate those orange Cheetos snacks and looked like a two year old baby, needing a bath after you get it all over yourself?

After just a little coaxing from our family in Orlando they took G man and I to a place called Gators Dockside. After taking my first bite of gator wings I was sold hook line and sinker.

Gators has 15 original recipe sauces just for starters. You can choose your own style of wings and sauce. We selected drums with Honey garlic, Teriyaki, Lemon pepper and Gator’s own “Scooter” sauce. The Scooter is one of our favorites with its slightly pepper tangy taste. I would suggest getting the 50 wings and dedicate 20 just for their Scooter sauce. You will get full fast! So don’t forget your leftovers. You will definitely go for a second round later.

This is the first place we like to eat when we visit. I know you will like it too. Gators has a wide variety of items on their menu so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Lisa B.

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