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There are new things going on with Facebook. This week I would like to discuss privacy. First off did you know that Facebook has a 9000 word privacy policy that none of us have ever read. It is all about our digital footprint that we leave on the shore called information. They are following you in order to target ads at you. How does that make you feel? You and I both know we are not going to give up our social media and get rid of our line of communication with family and friends. So what can we do?

Remember that this is not a free application because Facebook makes about an average of seven dollars per user per year by selling marketers access to you. Did you get that creepy weird feeling after you surfed the web and then ads starting appearing in your news feed?

Hover over the next ad that you get in Facebook and click on the arrow of that ad in the upper right hand corner. Next select the question “Why am I seeing this ad?” This is what the answer says. “This is based on things like your Facebook profile information and your internet connection”. So they are definitely tracking your surfing. See my blog about Startpage for a private web browser alternative. I was amazed what Facebook labeled me under lifestyle and culture. You can remove most items from this list. You can remove everything but they will keep at least three things on you. Your gender, age and where you live.

Nothing in life is really free and this is a reminder to all of us that information is the new gold mine that developers are digging around in. You and your life are valuable so before you hit okay to agree, read the fine print!

Lisa B.

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  1. Heath says:

    So true! I’ve also learned the hard way to watch and make sure not to accidentally accept “trial offers” when making purchases online.

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