Hollywood Studios


Gman and I (my hubby) went to Hollywood Studios at Disney while we were in Orlando just a few weeks ago. I just had to go because for years I had seen pictures of Star Wars characters on billboards advertising this place, and being the geek and music lover that I am, a great adventure had to take place. My first advice for any outing in Florida, is for heaven sake don’t go out in 100 degree weather. Secondly bring tanks of water and tie them to your back. You are going to need it, or you will be standing in line for 20 minutes just to get an 8 dollar bottle of water if you don’t.

Also, you would think everyone in the world got the memo to go the same day we did, and guess what, they did. Everyone from every country just got off the plane and queued up.

After going around in circles holding our precious water supply. We tried to get on the cool looking Aerosmith roller coaster ride. It has that super large red Fender Stratocaster outside with some piano keys in the front. It is worth the time to stop and take a few pics. After power walking our way to the cattle railing shutes, our hopes were dashed, by the red glowing numbers, that stated we had a 90 minute wait before entering. We then proceeded back into the “circle of life” traffic with the rest of the world.

Next, we headed over to the Star Tours ride, which is the Star Wars 3D motion simulator attraction, with C-3PO and R2-D2 giving visitors a trip across the galaxy. You will find a cool looking AT-AT out front before you board. We were able to get on this ride quicker and the motion simulation was not too bad or I would have hurled cookies.

With all kidding aside we did get to make it to other things, like the Great Movie ride which is a trip through all the famous films of the past. We also made it back to the Aerosmith roller coaster ride which goes from 0 to 57 miles per hour in about 2.8 seconds. That was nuts.

I am sure we will go back sometime in the future. Maybe our heads could be frozen! Who wouldn’t pay, just a little extra, to see Chewbacca passed out from heat exhaustion?

Dream on!

Lisa B

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