Do the Two Step


If you have watched any sci-fi lately, there is always a character that is tech savvy and has started a hack on some important web site, computer or what not. Although it is intriguing from a cinematic point of view, it is not so when about once a week you read of another database invasion and you are scrambling to change your passwords again. This happened once again this week, this time it was with Google. Almost 5 million Gmail user accounts and their passwords were stolen and put on a website. Last time it was with Apple and a hack with celebrities’ iCloud photo accounts.

So whether you are a movie star or just a regular joe on the web, we all have to use the same security features for email, banking, clouds etc. So what is it that we can possibly do to put some type of procedure in place to notify us if someone is trying to take control of our accounts? Enter two-factor verification. Two factor is a security measure where users are required to put a pass code in that was sent to their mobile devices before any change can be made to their account. You can set this up with your Apple, Facebook, and Gmail account. With your Apple account, go to “My Apple ID” and follow the instructions.

So it looks like our phone could be the last line of defense. Better keep it safe.
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Lisa B

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