iOS 8 Update


You have probably heard by now or have seen that Apple has released it’s eighth major release of it’s iOS mobile operating system. Here are a few things that you need to know before you download this latest update.

First of all, not every Apple device will be able to update. IOS 8 can update with the following devices, iPhone 4S, iPhone5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad 2, third and fourth generation iPad, iPad Air, fifth generation iPod Touch, iPad Mini, and iPad Mini with Retina display. If they are older than these that are listed you might want to think about upgrading to something newer.

You will need about 6GB of free space for this download because the files are zipped and it has to have space to download, unzip, launch, and then do the install. So start deleting all those unused apps and go ahead and backup all of your pictures and videos to your computer and delete some to free up some more space.

I have actually run into problems with Apple updates before with my iPhone, so one of the things I do is I always back up my device before attempting.

Oh speaking of problems, remember when IOS7 came out and everybody complained about the battery being sucked down on the iPhone 4? You just may want to wait a couple of weeks and let the first users download it and work out some of the woes.

Here are some things that are in the eight update. A cool battery usage app that tells you how much power your apps are using individually.  A new camera tool with control exposure and time-lapse. Shared purchases with your family including apps. And believe it or not if you don’t want your web searches to be tracked you can change your default search engine. I never thought that would happen.

These are just a few things to inform you on the latest and greatest from Apple. Keep those questions coming.

Lisa B

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