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This weeks tech question was “what can you do with those notifications in Facebook inviting you to play games.” Are you tired of “Candy Crush”, or do you wonder why websites ask “Would you like to sign in using Facebook?” You can turn this off in Facebook. It is called “Platform”.

What platform does in Facebook is it allows third party applications, created by developers since 2007, to access your data and also the apps and sites your Facebook friends visit as well. So, If you don’t care about apps and games and would like to have more privacy, but keep your Facebook account, this is the way that you can turn it off.

First, go to the right hand corner of your Facebook page and click on the arrow down icon. Then, click on “Settings”, Then, select “Apps” from the left hand side. You should see “Platform”. If that feature says “On”, you will want to turn it off. Now, you can turn off “Platform”. Remember, when you click to off, this means you won’t be able to log into websites or apps using Facebook, and friends won’t be able to share information with you through apps.

And you are done.

Keep those questions coming.

Lisa B.

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