Wearable Fitness Gadgets


lt’s a new year and I was wondering what cool fitness tech was out there. Wearable technology is gaining momentum and you can wear it on your wrist to monitor your fitness goals.

Some of the brands are Fitbit and Jawbone UP. The Smartwatch from Apple does not come out until spring.

Fitbit tracks your daily steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, very active minutes, sleep time, and quality. It also has an alarm that vibrates to wake you up. You can also set goals with it and an LED light will illuminate when you reach your goal. Supposedly, it is water resistance, but I would not want to test out that theory.

Jawbone’s Up devices focus on specific tasks, like heart rate monitoring, steps taken, and calories burned based on your age, height, and gender. This device does not have a screen, but does have a mobile app and syncs up with an iPhone or Android.

Apple’s Smartwatch will have a fitness section that will track total body movement with GPS. It will monitor how much and how far you have moved and the quality and frequency of movement. Also included will be a dedicated personal calorie burn work out app.

Whatever your fitness goals are and if you need a little more help in getting there, consider fitness bands and the future wearable tech coming your way. It’s “back to the future” 2015 style.

Lisa B

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