Give Me Some Space


For all of you users that bought an iPhone 5S 16GB this Christmas because you just couldn’t buy more phone or you are still holding on to your 4S, you are probably going to run out of space soon. So here are some simple ways to free up some on your iPhone.

First you have to check what maybe taking up the most real estate. Go to Settings, then to General, Usage, and then to Manage Storage.

Right at the top it will show you the largest app that is using the most space and it will rank them in order. The amount of space that you see includes the app and any data inside it. You can tap any app and see what size it is versus the documents and data. If you no longer need the app, it has a place highlighted in red for you to click on and you can get rid of it. See example.

iPhone Storage

I deleted old games I had stopped using. Yes, I deleted Angry Birds, and many others. You can also delete old videos and podcasts too. Did you know that one thirty minute podcast can be 25 MB. That adds up quick if you download one daily.

You can turn off Photo Stream. Photo Stream automatically syncs your photos across your IOS devices. That takes up room. You can turn that off by going to Settings, Photos & Camera and switching to off the My Photo Stream.

These are just a couple of things that you can do to give your iPhone some more breathing room.

Lisa B

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  1. love your blog, really good!

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