The Old iPhone


Do you have an old iPhone laying around that you don’t know what to do with, now that you have a new one?

You could use it for music. You could put all of your tunes on your old iPhone by transferring your entire library, including music apps, and then leaving it at the office or in your car. This will keep your main phone free since most of iOS8 tends to take up more space. It will also save your battery charge time too.

I did not think of this, but someone suggested using it as a security camera or a baby monitor.

There is an app out called, “Manything” that will turn your iPhone into a security camera. It has live streaming, motion alerts, remote control, and cloud recording.

For a baby monitor app, there is one called, “Cloud Baby Monitor”. The app can provide live streaming through WiFi. The wild thing is you can talk to your baby through your iPhone with this app. Wow, talk about getting your kids used to iPhones early in life.

I was just about to go out and buy another alarm clock when I found out that you can use your old iPhone as a standalone clock. An app called, “Alarm Clock Pro” by iHandy gives you a digital clock that stays on until you shut it off. It comes with an alarm, and you can wake up to your favorite music. It has a feature you can shake to snooze when the alarm goes off. The wow factor is that the app is only $.99.

Lastly, you could just hang on to it and keep it for a backup just in case the other one dies, because of battery failure. Then activate the old iPhone with minutes from a pre-paid carrier.

These are just a few suggestions for your old iPhone. It won’t be long and another new iPhone will be out just when you got used to the last one!

Lisa B

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