Buying a Used iPhone


I over heard someone on the phone while shopping the other day, saying that they were going to buy a used iPhone over the internet. I thought about that. What do you need to know before buying a used iPhone. Here are a couple of things to ponder that I found.

Verify the IMEI number from the body of the phone and in the software. It is possible that the iPhone you are about to buy has a replaced body. It could have been in water or dropped down a flight of steps. The exterior could look good but the guts may not be. On the back of the iPhone you will see the IMEI number. Go into “Settings”, “General”, and then “About”. Scroll down to IMEI and compare.

Check if the IMEI is blocked. If an IMEI is blocked the phone has been reported stolen. has a free online tool to check the device’s IMEI number against a global list.

Data needs to be erased. The current owner’s Apple ID should be removed. If not, go to “General”, “Reset”, “Erase All Content and Settings”. This should delete everything.

Check the warranty. On Apple’s website go to the page “Check Your Service and Support Coverage”. and type in the device’s serial number. If it takes you to the next page, the iPhone is okay and has not been reported stolen and is not a replacement model. You can get the device’s serial number from the back of it. This page will also tell you if there happened to be any warranty left on the phone and the purchase date.

It is probably a better idea to buy a phone from someone you trust, but if you have to purchase from somewhere or someone else, keep these things in mind. Happy shopping.

Lisa B

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