Keyboard Shortcuts


Here are some keyboard shortcuts that may help you on your iPhone texting and a sure way to speed up your typing. Here is what I found.

Toggle your settings

There are a lot of settings you can toggle for the keyboard, including auto-caps, auto-corrections, spell check, caps lock, predictions, and more. Go to “Settings”, “General”, “Keyboard”, to toggle everything to your liking.

Speedy switches

If you only want to enter one number or symbol, don’t tap the “Number” or “Symbol” button. Touch it and slide to the number or symbol you want to enter, and then let go. It will enter and the keyboard will instantly switch back. The same works for shift and capital letters too.

Caps lock

When you want to shout at someone who is surely wrong on the wide world of the web, you don’t need to hit the Shift button for each letter. Just tap Shift twice and you will be in “CAPS LOCK” mode until you tap Shift again.

Magnify mistakes

If you type a bunch of text and then notice a mistake, touch the screen and hold down until the magnifying bubble appears. Drag until the cursor at the mistake, then let go and make your corrections.

Cut, copy and paste

To cut or copy text, double tap on it and drag the handles to select the exact beginning and end points, an the tap “Cut” or “Copy”. To paste text, use the magnification bubble to position the cursor, then tap “Paste”.

Undo auto-correct

Auto-correct will attempt to fix mistakes as you make them. If the correction is wrong, however, just hit the backspace key and IOS will popup what you originally typed. Tap on it, and it’ll be un-auto-corrected and restored.

Dictionary defined

If you are not sure whether you are using the right word, you can double tap on it to bring up the popup menu, tap the arrow on the right for more options, and tap “Define” to get the dictionary definition. Tap, “Manage” to change or add dictionaries.

I hope these tips will get your fingers flying.

Lisa B

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