Power Hogs

pink power hog

If your phone is getting older, iPhone or Androids, you are probably concerned about the battery power that you currently have. Have you noticed that it now takes you longer every day to get charged up? So if you were to look at what is the major hogs that are chewing that valuable power fodder, I have a few culprits. It is no surprise again that it is Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

That would be the case since they are both services that are running, wanting to alert you every time you get a like, reply, comment, retweet, you name it. What can you do to squeeze those final droplets of that cherished power supply? You can load Facebook and Twitter in your phone’s browser.

You can download the mobile site through the web. First remove the Facebook and Twitter apps from your phone then bookmark the mobile versions of both Facebook and Twitter on your phone. On an iPhone, you can search Facebook in “Safari” and click on the “share” button and choose “Add to Home Screen” This will put a nice icon along with your other apps. For Android, in Chrome, you will have to bookmark the page. Go into the bookmarks section, then press and hold on the bookmark and choose “Add to Home Screen”.

I am now saving 1.5 to 2 hours power time, just from changing the way I get into Facebook. This tip is old and may not be for everyone, but give it a try. The mobile site is nearly identical so you will not miss much. Let those power hogs stay hungry!

Lisa B

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