iOS8 Problems



By now you have probably downloaded iOS8 and it’s subsequent updates. Unfortunately, with any new updates are new problems, especially on the older iPads and iPhones. Here are some of the main problems I get asked about and some that I have encountered on my own devices.

The number one complaint that I have been hearing about is “Safari is slow”. The pages are slow to load or they do not load at all. There is a delayed response time and links do not open. The problem could be related to issues with the Wi-Fi. Here is what you can do.

Go to “Settings”, “Safari”, “Clear History and Website Data”. This may only be a temporary solution. You may also try going to “Settings”, “Safari”, “Advanced”, and toggling “JavaScript” to off. I personally have downloaded a different browser. I use “Puffin”. Puffin can be purchased in the App store.

Bluetooth issues. Have you had issues getting your iPhone to connect to accessories or in-car Bluetooth systems? Usually there is a problem with establishing a connection and it drops on a regular basis. Here is what you an do. Check your pairing process to see if it is in the pairing mode. Try turning “Bluetooth” off your iPhone or iPad, restart the device, and turn it back on again.

I think everyone has had the issue of freezing during the update. What you can do is hold down the “Sleep/Wake” and “Home” buttons for 10 seconds until the device reboots and the Apple logo appears. Make sure before you do any updates that you have space enough to do it, and always back up your device.

I hope that in the future Apple will address these problems and that we can continue to enjoy the applications that we have grown accustomed to.

Lisa B

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