Mobile Weather Apps

mobile weather apps

Could someone please invent an app to tell us Spring is here? Please! No more snow.

Until then here are the best apps for iPhone and iPad that I found on the net.

Dark Sky, one of my favorites and described by many as the best weather app ever, Dark Sky for iOS lets you enjoy the weather without actually going outside. Through beautiful animations and meaningful transition, it gives you a detailed view of how storms have moved in the past and where they are going in the future. Dark Sky uses your devices’s GPS to detect your location, allowing you to check the weather for the next hour, day, and week.

Clima, this app comes with an incredibly simple interface, which drops realistic icons and buttons in favor of bright colors and gestures. Clima, welcomes you with a dashboard that lets you view current temperature and weather. Swipe the screen and see more information like hourly forecast, precipitation chance, sunrise, sunset, clouds, etc.

Fresh Air, is a second minimalist weather app that takes elegance to a whole new level. It has a minute by minute weather graph. It can visualize temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, sunrise and sunset as well as warn you when there’s a storm coming your way. Fresh Air turns the weather into something you can explore.

Solar, when it originally launched on the AppStore, the app surprised users with it’s incredibly simple and intuitive interface and gesture-based navigation. Solar does not have many advanced features, but it’s fast and easy to use. Open the app, check the weather, and get on with things.

Weather Dial 2, app has a very simple interface that puts the weather first. It displays current temperature on the main screen, but rotate your phone and you will see a detailed 24-hour forecast. It comes with two color themes for better visibility, day or night and various weather data, including wind and humidity readouts.

Three, not sure what to wear today? Ask Three for help. This beautifully minimal app analyzes current weather conditions and suggests three items of clothing which would keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It even learns what you like over time, almost like having a friend giving you advice.

Weather Widget, as the name suggests, is not a standalone weather app. In reality it is a fully featured weather informant that sits in your phone or tablet’s notification shade, allowing you to see various forecasts for basically any place in the world at a glance.

Don’t get left out in the cold. Go to the app store and get your weather today!

Lisa B

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