The Golden Apple


The March 9th media event from Apple gave us a few more details about the Apple Watch that we have all been waiting for. The Apple Watch can be preordered on April 10 and will hit stores on April 24.

The apps that come with the Apple Watch are, “Alarm”, “Calendar”, “Apple TV and iTunes”, for you to control your Apple TV, and control songs in iTunes, “Maps”, “Music”, “Passbook”, “Photos”, “Remote Camera”, “Settings”, “Siri”, “Stocks”, “Stopwatch”, “Timer”, “Weather”, and “World Clock”.

The battery life is around 6.5 hours if you are doing audio playback. A day’s worth of battery life is 18 hours for typical usage.

The onboard storage for apps and music is 8GB. Only a fraction of that will be usable for storage. You will only be allowed 2GB of music on the Watch and up to 75 MB of photos for the “Photos” app. There should be dozens of new apps to download and probably thousands more available at launch. You will have to download apps through your iPhone and then transfer to the Watch. This will be done by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless.

The straps look cool but cost anywhere from $49 to $449. All of the straps on the Watch models are interchangeable. Some are shown to be made of leather, metal or plastic. Did you see the $10,000 18-karat-gold one?

We will have to see how the Apple Watch turns out on sales this Spring. If the Watch turns out to be an iPod on your wrist, well, how many of the same devices do you need? Especially a golden one.

Lisa B

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  1. I completely agree with you. It is basically an iPod on your wrist.

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