The New Macbook


While the Apple Watch took most of the spotlight in it’s debut, there was another announcement that seemed to get sidelined in all of the excitement. The new Macbook is coming out.

The 2015 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina display has some major improvements with this year’s model. The shell only measures 0.71 inches thick, and weighs under three and a half pounds. The battery lasts all day. It was redesigned for compact space.

The newest feature is the “Force Touch” trackpad. It is a trackpad with no motion. You will not hear a mechanical click when you press the trackpad down. There are four sensors that measure a wide range of pressure. It has software settings so that you can change how the trackpad feels depending on your preference.

The fifth generation dual-core Intel processors hold up well when working with just about any software especially video editing. The screen still offers a great combination of resolution, quality, balance, and color.

The advanced wireless tech on this model has only one input. The new USB type C connector which is for charging, video output, and data transfer making it more portable.

Although the exterior still looks the same, this new and improved Macbook Pro is a perfect purchase for your notebook needs.

Go to the Apple website, click on this link, and watch the “Design” film. You can see all of the hardware up close and marvel at how all of it fits together.

Lisa B

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