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Well there is another Apple update out there for all of you Apple users if you have not already downloaded it. Several weeks ago Tim Cook announced the Apple Watch and the iOS 8.2 update release followed. The iPhone 4s does not work with the Apple Watch, but it does get the IOS 8.2 update that is much more than putting an Apple Watch app on home screens.

Only the iPhone 5 and up will work with the new Apple Watch.

The iOS 8.2 update delivers fixes for over a dozen iPhone problems with “Mail”, “Safari”, “Maps”, “Music”, “Bluetooth” and more. If you are tired of iOS 8 problems, this is a tempting update to install on the iPhone 4s.

The iPhone 4s iOS 8.2 performance reports from regular users range from marked improvement to a bit of a lag. This is common with any update. The apps, services and ways we use our iPhone can alter the overall experience right after the update.

There are no major visual changes to the look of iOS 8.2. Apple normally focuses on adding new features and fixing problems with these larger x.2 updates. For users who ran into issues with iOS 8, there are important upgrades that may deliver a better overall experience.

The five fixes are.

Increases stability of Mail.
Improves stability of Flyover in Maps.
Improves stability of Music.
Improves VoiceOver reliability.
Improves connectivity with Made for iPhone Hearing Aids.

In the security area, Apple fixed a weird issue that allowed, “A person with physical access to the device, may be able to see the home screen of the device, even if the device is not activated”. They also fixed an error that would let a remote attacker force a restart.

There are many bug issues that are fixed in this update and overall could help your aging iPhone 4s work better. A complete list is available at the “Software Update” under “General” in “Settings”. So, if you are ready, back up your device and give it a go!

Lisa B

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