Space Packs

space pack

If you have a new iPhone and could not afford much memory you may be in luck. Last year Mophie added a storage part to it’s line of iPhone battery cases. They called it Space Pack because it not only provided extra battery for the iPhone, but also gave users more space to place videos and images which chew up an incredible amount of storage.

The Space Pack’s app simply called Space, has been redesigned to work with or without Mophie hardware and will now be available to Android users for the first time. Space is pretty much a file and media management app. The cool thing that it can do is wirelessly share photos, videos, documents and music between your mobile device and a Mac. If you have a PC that would work too. So basically you can transfer media to or from your computer over your secure home network.

The new stuff is Space Pack for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPad Mini, or the new Spacestation which is an external battery charger with storage up to 128 GB. You can use the app to sync and store to the Space Pack’s flash memory instead of your iPhone’s internal innards.

Prices for these new accessories are high. An entry-level iPhone 6 or 6 Plus model with 32GB of extra storage is $150 and $300 for the 128GB version. The iPad Mini Space Pack starts at $200 for 32GB and up to $400 for the 128GB one. Yes, there is a 64GB to choose from.

These gizmos maybe the thing of the future when you have to try to get around eventual power loss and the device’s storage limitations. Oh snap!

Lisa B

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