Apple New Stuff

This gravity-defying iPhone charging dock is the coolest smartphone accessory out right now. It’s called the “Bobine”.

This gadget is a two-in-one charger and docking station for your iPhone. It works almost like a paper clip, bending in any direction so you can stare at your phone screen head-on as it charges. The bendable wire is 24 inches long. You can fix it any position, and adjust the height and angle. Plus, you’ll be able to use your iPhone hands-free and even use it as a tripod to take the perfect selfie! It is currently on sale for $24.99.

Speaking of selfies, here are a few apps to help you get that perfect pic. Who wouldn’t like some additional tweaking?


Elbows and hands can be distracting, especially when they’re protruding out of the corner of your selfie. CamMe is designed to eliminate unwanted appendages from the frame, allowing you to capture your selfie with a simple hand gesture. Once launched, you merely need to place your smartphone anywhere between 2 and 16 feet away before raising and closing your hand to activate the camera. Editing functions come secondary.


If you thought Instagram had the filter market on lockdown, think again. Retrica features more than 100 different real-time filters, ranging from retro offerings to those designed to saturate your selfie with a warm, neon glow. You can outfit all of them with an array of classic vignettes. The collage feature and the built-in timer grant you even more options for capturing the perfect set of poses, even if you can’t edit them directly within the app.


The aptly-titled FaceTune gives you the means to quickly retouch your self portraits, letting you whiten your teeth, remove red-eye, color grey hairs, and refine your jaw line in addition to a plethora of other tasks. The app can also blur the background to place you in focus, and if you happened to just roll out of bed, you can use it to apply eye shadow, lipstick, and other makeup.

CamMe and Retrica are free and Face Tune is $4. All of the apps listed are available in the app store. Happy selfies!

Lisa B

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