Best Photo Editing Apps


There is a lot of photo editors out there to be had.  If you go to the App Store and type in “photo editor” you will come back with over 6,000 results.  Wow.  So in reality what is the best one to get and not waste your time?

Adobe Photoshop Touch.  If you are going to talk about photo editing, chances are Photoshop will feature in the conversation at some point.   If you are skilled in the ways of Photoshop magic, Photoshop Touch is the perfect way to have a vast array of editing capabilities at your fingertips.  Though it certainly doesn’t contain all of the features of the desktop version, it is one of the most advanced photo editing apps out there.  For those of you looking for a more accessible, easy to use app, there is also Photoshop Express which is free. Photoshop Touch is $9.99.

Snapseed Mobile.  Snapseed is a great blend of technical proficiency and accessibility.  For the average user it is much more accessible than Photoshop. It can host a variety of features for those looking for a heavy hitting editing app.  Other bonuses include it’s excellent control by using the touch capabilities that are easy to use.  It has the ability to save images up to 16 megapixels.  Snapseed is free.

VSCO Cam. VSCO has been a go to option for shutterbugs who steer clear of apps like Photoshop. With it’s all inclusive design, you can snap the photo, edit it, and share it all at once. Much like Instagram, it comes with filters you can place on your pictures. VSCO improves upon this idea by giving you a sliding scale for each pic, allowing more fine tuning in your filter process. VSCO is a great choice for anyone who wants an easy to use app with more capabilities than the typical photo editor. VSCO is free.

All of the apps listed are available at the App Store. Let the pic taking begin!

Lisa B

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