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If you are like me, you have no plans on upgrading your Apple devices any time soon. Nope, not me. Not my iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. So with that in mind I have been looking around for a cheaper way to back up music, movies, and other stuff. I am running out of room and I don’t want to spend big bucks just yet.

There is an option that I have been reading about that can help solve this dilemma.

Wireless media hubs. A wireless media hub connects via Wi-Fi to your iDevice. You pop a microSD card into an external drive for extra storage that you can keep stowed in a bag, pocket or whatever you have.

The device hub works like this. You connect the reader to your PC, then fill it with any and all media or data you want to take on the go. Install the companion app that goes with the reader. Run the app and connect to the reader. Now you can stream your media, view your photos, access your documents, transfer files.

One wireless media hub that stands out is the RAVPower FileHub 5-in-1. It will stream music, movies and the like from whatever you plug into it: an SD card (or microSD with adapter), a flash drive or even an external hard drive. 
It offers both Wi-Fi hot-spot and NAS features, file transfers between storage and your devices and a battery, which powers not only the FileHub itself, but also your device if it needs extra juice. It’s a bargain too. File-Hub currently sells for $39.99 on Amazon. This price is considerably lower than the Space Packs from Mophie.

I think I might give it a try. Tell us your device stories or send us your tech questions. Visit our contact page on how to get in touch and give us a shout out!

Lisa B

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