Periscope for iOS



Twitter has come out with a little nifty app called Periscope. It is a live video streaming app for iOS. Periscope makes streaming video a snap with only a couple of taps. There are tons of live streams to watch at any given moment.

Periscope lets you share what is happening right now and relive it later thanks to the service’s saved streams feature. You can let all of your followers know you are live streaming.

When you first start-up Periscope, you see some colorful cards explaining the basics of the app and how to activate features like your camera, microphone, and location services. Periscope integrates all of this into the app’s tutorial, rather than just throwing up a bunch of dialog windows.

Broadcasting yourself is extremely easy, as you just tap the camera icon at the bottom and you’re basically done. Streams can be kept unlisted or public if you so choose, and after all is said and done you can save it to an archive. That’s basically it. The amount of entertainment you get from Periscope is directly correlated to the amount of effort you put in, both from a broadcasting perspective and the amount of effort you put into digging through streams.

If you are concerned about privacy, the app enables private broadcasts, which will let anyone lock off a broadcast to a selected few followers. This is perfect for the family game of football or other sports. To entice more public streams, users can give each other “hearts” for good broadcasts.

Now you can tweet and live stream. What will they come up with next?

Lisa B

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