Summer is here and I am sure some of you have been trying to find tickets to see your favorite artist in concert or the next home opener game. So what do you do when everything sells out in minutes? Well there is an app for that.

SeatGeek takes the stress out of finding tickets and makes the process painless as possible.

SeatGeek works for you to scour hundreds of sites for the chance to score a ticket. It saves you time, money and knows the sites that you may just not have any idea about, and will find you a ticket at the lowest price that is available. The best part is that it is completely free to you and it is a much better option than negotiating with a scalper outside of the concert 20 minutes before the band goes on.

SeatGeek has access to tickets from over a hundred sellers, and has 140,000 events listed including NFL, NBA and NHL games, as well as Broadway shows and concerts. Find the best seat in the house with the interactive seating chart that will help you feel confident in making your purchase. When it is time to pay, what you see on the screen is what you pay. There is absolutely no hidden fees when you check out.

Make your life simpler and easier and shop with confidence and know that you are getting exactly what you hoped for. Arrive to the concert without hassle and sit back and relax in the seats that you expected to sit in.

SeatGeek is available from the App Store. Download and find your next show or event.

Lisa B

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