Disasters of Christmas Past

Pong picture

Out of all the good memories of Christmas time, I can remember some funny moments. Let me share one with you.

My first encounter with a gaming console came out of a Sears catalogue our parents bought. Everything came out of Sears. Our clothes, shoes, hair rollers, girdles, everything. One foggy Christmas morning, we got a Sears deluxe Pong gaming console. How wonderful! A small box with one wire to be attached to the tv that we had and two technologically advanced remotes for two players, both with long wires that connected to each.

There it was. The first game. The amazing tennis game called Pong. An all black screen, except for those two white vertical lines.

My older brother and I twisted knobs frantically as we pinged and ponged until our drive for substance made us stop for a much needed Christmas breakfast break. How cool was this?, I thought. What joy had come to our secluded lives? This new invention, called a video game, had come to our family in small town America.

Then, well into the second hour of this diabolical game my younger brother, who was 3 years old, decided he wanted to run off the sugar he so heavily digested. He began an endless round of running. First, through the living room, then through the kitchen. “Stop”, I shouted. His small body became more determined than ever to make another high pole vault jump over the tethered wires of our advanced gaming console. Another dangerous olympic move. Then another one. “Stop it!” I shouted once more. Then, regaining my concentration as the sound of electronic pings filled our living room.

Then, as if in slow motion, came the agony of defeat. My little brother did not make the final round. As fate would have it and the laws of physics were engaged, he plowed through not one, but all of the crucial wires. The one that connected directly to the gaming console itself. “OH NO!” I exclaimed. The tv screen was now a grainy picture and no sound from the console. Just as quickly as it came, it was now taken away. The carnage was too great. The wiring beyond repair. I held the shiny, broken, RF box lovingly in my hands. Why? Why me? Why did this have to happen. It was Christmas.

Yes, I was there, and saw the beginning of that great video game universe.

Now you know why wireless means so much.

Merry Christmas!

Lisa B

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