Red Light


Do you know what the red light means when it appears on your car or truck you are driving? It is usually called the idiot light. It means that there is something that needs your attention pertaining to your vehicle’s operating condition. The same thing applies to your physical body. Pain is the red warning light for your body. Most of us take pain relievers or prescription drugs to cut the red warning light that applies to our joints and bones.

Carbonated drinks actually neutralize the acidity of your stomach. After consuming these drinks, your stomach can’t effectually absorb minerals from the food you digest.

In a study done in June of 2000, 460 high school students were observed after they drank 1 carbonated-cola drink a day. It was found that they had a 500% elevated risk of bone fracture and osteoporosis. That is mind blowing what one drink can do. On average, Americans consume more than 50 gallons of carbonated soft drinks each year, according to a 2005 USDA report.

Just think as adults our bone matrix is reduced and not that of a teenager. It takes us longer to bounce back.

On a side note, we are seeing warnings with our local weather report not to consume any carbonated drinks during these high temperature summer days.

Kelli has a great article on water called “Infused Water the Perfect Refresher”. Here is the link.

If your body is giving you the red light, stop the cola purge and get on the water wagon.

Lisa B

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