Exercise to Combat Cancer

Exercise To Combat Cancer

There is a new study out that shows exercise protects us from cancer in different ways.

For some time now, health researchers across the world have know that athletes enjoy a significantly lower risk of cancer.

At first it was suggested that there may be a simple explanation. Athletes eat more healthily and are less likely to smoke.

But now there is evidence showing that in fact, it is exercise itself that protects our bodies against cancer in complex ways.

Danish researchers say that adrenaline, which gets released when we exercise, is a key to the protective effect.

From tests on mice, they discovered that there is a type of immune defense cell called a natural killer cell. This cell was fighting cancers in the exercising mice.

Adrenaline is know to power our natural killer cells, and other exercise-induced chemicals. This helps immune cells to target tumors.

The power of exercise also helps to reduce inflammation, which is the body’s mechanism for fighting infections.

One extra bonus is the release of dopamine from the brain which is another tumor-fighting substance.

Fight the good fight, against one of the most dreadful diseases that is know in our world today.

Let’s all get up and move!

Lisa B

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