Stroke Prevention

Stroke prevention

There was a new study that just came out last month on strokes. Researchers have discovered that there are 10 controllable risk factors to prevent it.

The top factor in this review is that high blood pressure or hypertension, is the most important one to consider.

In 90 percent of all strokes that were looked at across the world, hypertension was at the top of the list. Eliminating high blood pressure was estimated to reduce the risk of stroke by nearly 48 percent.

Here are some of the other risk factors:

Physical inactivity: 36 percent

Poor diet: 23 percent

Obesity: 19 percent

Smoking: 12 percent

Heart causes: 9 percent

Diabetes: 4 percent

Alcohol use: 6 percent

Stress: 6 percent

Lipids (blood fats): 27 percent

You can reduce your risk of stroke by reducing the salt in your diet to no more that 1,500 milligrams a day. That is about a half a teaspoon. Change your diet by eating 4 to 5 cups of fruits and vegetables every day. Get more exercise and quit smoking.

Take time to relax and if you can, stop and smell the roses.

Lisa B

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