Lynda Will Tell Ya


A friend of mine told me about this new cool website called Lynda. It is a website where you can learn new skills in technology, business, photography, audio, music, video etc. All of it is on-line.

There are over 3,500 video courses for all of these cool topics. Suppose you are a musician and you are having trouble with the new music recording software you just bought for your Mac. You can browse their library and bingo, there is a video tutorial to help you learn an audio app. I have heard that college students that take audio recording courses also come hear to learn.

Have you thought about how create a website? Gosh, they have tons of web course and video training on web design and development. You just choose your web skill level and your off to the races.

There is also 3D animation, design, web developer, business, and education training tools. You can discover and master the latest in classroom tech for your students.

Lynda is $30 per month. You could do a 10 day subscription if you only needed for that period of time.

Check out for your next classroom topic experience. You can try it out for free for one month.

I have seen it in action and I have heard good things about it. Learning never looked so cool!

Lisa B

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