Safe Shopping

safe shopping

We just had Black Friday and Cyber Monday and many of us will be shopping either online or at a brick and mortar store for those great deals. So how do you keep safe this holiday season?

Here are a couple of rapid fire tips and reminders if you are going to use plastic and not cash.

Monitor all of your accounts for any unauthorized charges or debits after your shopping experience. You should review online as soon as you can and definitely with your monthly statement. Some thieves may process small charges or debits just to see if the account is active. Keep your receipts and check them against your billing statements.

Consider going paperless.

Alert your bank or card company immediately if you think fraud is at work.

Never keep your pin code in the same place as your card.

Use strong passwords. dog123456789 is not going to work well.

Make sure networks and devices are secure. Keep your anti-virus software update and run it regularly.

Use a credit card online. Your liability is capped at $50. Some cards have zero-liability polices.

When shopping online, check the web address. Don’t click web addresses from emails. This could be sending you to a bogus site to get you to enter your payment information. If it does not look right don’t use it. It could be a phony link.

Happy Friday and Monday shopping wherever you go. Have fun but keep your guard up. Visit our “Easy Tech” section on our blog for more articles that help to keep your information safe.

Lisa B

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