Heavenly Chocolate Ice Cream

In keeping with my easy ice cream blogs from the last few weeks, today I’m going to share an easy chocolate malt ice cream recipe. I love malt, when I was a kid I would dip my ice cream cone in malt, yummy 👅.

So I have taken this easy, full proof, ice cream recipe and altered it by adding malt. Which in my opinion takes it to the next level. You should always experiment and play with your food!


16 ounces Cool Whip

1 (14 ounce) cans sweetened condensed milk

1 gallon chocolate milk ( I make my own)

1 cup of malt

Malted Milk Balls (optional)

Ice Cream Salt


Ice Cream Maker


Pour condensed milk, malt, and Cool Whip in your ice cream maker and stir together.
Slowly pour in in chocolate milk while stirring, stop when you get to the fill line.

Add lid and place in ice cream maker, top with motor. Layer ice and ice cream salt to the top, plug in and make ice cream. Add ice and salt as needed. When machine slows your getting close, when it stops it is ready! Remove from ice cream maker and serve. I like to top with malted milk balls and serve. Enjoy!

Tip: I like to add crushed malt balls to mine to give it even more malt goodness!

Kelli B 😊

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