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Thanks for checking out our blog! We are Kelli B and Lisa B, friends for many years with lots of adventures! This blog is our newest adventure! We want to share our stories, recipes, money saving tips, laughter, and joy as we live life to the fullest and enjoy every bite!


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  1. Beth Meador says:

    I was using my food processor the other day. Going to shred sweet potatoes for my sweet potato cake. The blade was on the wrong side. I seen the cute thin slices of sweet potatoes and wondered what I could do with thin sweet potatoes. Glad I seen your recipe for sweet potato cobbler. With thin sliced sweet potatoes. I will try this tonight

    1. bliving2 says:

      Beth, I’m very glad you found this recipe too. You will love the cobbler so delicious! Hope you will enjoy, Happy Thanksgiving!

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