Farmer’s Market


I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of summer has to be all the fresh fruit and produce. I get so excited about all the goodies the farmers are picking and selling at the outdoor produce markets. To my surprise I found that some of the “farmers” we’re selling produce they didn’t grow, but bought from big produce companies. Most things they offered were grown in mass produce hot houses and commercial farms. When you look at their produce, it is set out with signs that say “fresh farm produce”, but when you ask them if it came from their farm, in a low voice they tell you no and tell you where it came from. I now make it a point to buy from producers only markets. That means you have to grow it to sell it. I know I’m getting fresh produce and I’m supporting local farmers and businesses. So don’t let summer go by without heading out with your honey, kids, and friends, and checking out your producer only farmers markets in your town and neighborhood. Produce, fruit, music, food trucks, goods and games! Support local business and make your summer fun and delicious!!

I live in Tennessee and have a great app you can download on your phone or tablet named, pickTN. It gives information on farmer’s markets, U-picks, organics, wineries, plants, and fall fun. Also look at apps and online to see what your state offers. Check it out!

Here is just a few of my favorite Farmers Markets:
Amqui Station Farmers Market

Hip Donelson Community Market

12 South Farmers Market

East Nashville Farmers Market

Nashville Farmers Market

Kelli B


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