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The Pub

Kelli B and Lisa B “aka” KB and LB. We headed out this weekend with our hubbies to The Gulch. If you have not been it is a must go and has changed so much over the years. Great shopping, restaurants, cool architecture and wonderful people. As we walked around hunger creep upon us and we needed to find sustenance quick and with lots of options we decided on The Pub Nashville. It was a hard choice but the British look and decor was so inviting we had to take a closer look. All the staff, male and female wore kilts and the room was warm with lots of British memorabilia welcoming you. The outside dining area was absolutely gorgeous! The staff greeted us with smiles and sincere hellos and made us feel comfortable and at home. They took us to our table where the walls opened up to the outside. There was a cool breeze which made it very nice half in half out almost a tropical feel.
We started with appetizers that included cheese bollocks and gazpacho. Both were very good. They serve great fruity drinks for those who do not drink alcohol and a large list for those who do. For our main course we tried the London Broil, Bangers and Mash, Buttermilk Fried Chicken and a Hamburger. I must say we all found it yum, yum, yum… especially the Smoked Gouda mac and cheese it is quite possibly the best we ever had. This would not be a bliving2 blog if we did not tell you a way to save money. If you go to experiencethepub.com and click on contact us to the left you will see join our e-club. By joining they will send you a welcoming email with a free appetizer offer. They do not sell your information to a third party and you will receive future offers. KB did this at the table.
If you find yourself in Nashville take a ride to the Gulch, park, walk around, get to the Pub for a fun environment with really great food.

P.S. IF you have a kilt, wear it!

Kelli B and Lisa B


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