Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

It’s here, time to break off that cocoon of winter. It’s time to plant flowers and mow the yard.

Let the pastel colors fill our trees and green overtake all the brown that has surrounded us.

My thoughts are on picnics in the park and grilling with friends.
Yay, capri pants and flip flops, painted toe nails and a little glow to the skin.
Easter Service, brunch, Easter dresses, and colored eggs. I’m excited for vacations and longer days. Lemonade and strawberries, I guess you could say, just like you I’m excited to enter Spring.

This is my favorite season, not to cold or hot, the colors and smells. I’m thankful winter has said goodbye. There is life all around us, it keeps me in mind of no matter what you are going through everything is subject to change. I hope Spring finds you with a thankful heart and a vision for this new season. You are responsible for your own happiness, get out and enjoy!

Kelli B šŸ’»

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