Breeden’s Orchard & Country Market

Breeden's Orchard & Country Market pics

It’s Fall Y’all! One of our favorite things to do when the weather gets cooler and the leaves start changing is head to the apple orchard. A trip to the orchard makes us feel like kids again, we grab a wagon and baskets then head out to do some picking. Breeden’s is a great stress reliever, the peace, quiet and smells wash over you and the things of this high speed and tech world seem faded away.

When we get done we head up to the country market and shop. They have a wide variety of jams, pickles, relish, local honey, salsa, and dressing. They also carry baked goods like fried pies and an array of apple cider. You can find several varieties of apples already picked and ready for you to grab and go. Our favorite is Johnagold, yummy!

After we finish shopping and check out we grab a frozen cider then go sit in the gazebo and just chill! We can sit and relax, watch, talk and sip for an hour before we head back to reality. I highly suggest you pencil in a few hours to head out to Breeden’s or an orchard near you.

Breeden’s Orchard & Country Market
631 Beckwith Road
Mount Juliet, TN. 37122

Kelli B 💻

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