Peach of a Summer


Sweet sassy! Thanks to this great peach season my family and I have had a peach of a summer! I have made everything from peach ice cream, cobblers, smoothies, peach salads, dressings, as well as glazes for chicken and pork. But best of all is the juice running down our faces from grabbing one fresh picked off the tree and biting in. If you would like to experience a peach of a summer then try this recipe for homemade peach ice cream. I know you will find yourself smiling and enjoying this sweet peach summer!

Below you will find my homemade peach ice cream recipe. It is super easy and so yummy! My ice cream freezer makes a gallon. If your’s is smaller, be sure to make adjustments.

Kelli’s Peach Ice Cream

10 Peaches
Half a cup of sugar
One quart heavy whipping cream
One can of condensed milk
One cup of buttermilk
1 teaspoon of vanilla
Half a gallon of whole milk
One gallon pitcher
Bag of ice
Ice cream salt


Peel and cut your peaches into one and a half by one and a half pieces. Put into a gallon pitcher. Sprinkle with half a cup of sugar and stir. Note: you can adjust sugar according to the sweetness or tartness of your peaches. Pour in condensed milk and stir. Add heavy whipping cream, buttermilk and vanilla, then stir together. Add half a gallon of whole milk and stir well. Place the lid on the pitcher and refrigerate over night.

When you are ready to make your ice cream, pull out your pitcher, stir and pour into your ice cream cylinder. Layer with ice and salt. When the ice cream freezer stops, it’s done! Whoo hoo! Hope you enjoy! 🍑

Kelli B 😊


peach ice cream2

peach ice cream

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