Halloween Bark Candy

Halloween Bark Candy pic

Halloween for me may hold a different meaning than most others. My memories are a pot of soup on the stove a warm cozy feeling in the air, no fright or monsters, but a charged atmosphere of excitement with family and friends. Making popcorn balls with my mom and visiting neighbors who were excited to see you and knew your name. That real sense of neighborhood. Today it has become something different, people go to the malls and trunk & treats, which is great, but makes me long for the days of porch lights on and neighbors smiling and calling you by name. I hope October 31st finds you making memories with friends, family, with a cozy warm feeling of fun and safety, for you and yours. Happy Happy Day!

Halloween Bark Candy


Three cups of chocolate chips

Two cups of your favorite candy cut into bite size pieces


Line a baking sheet with wax paper or parchment paper.
Melt chocolate chips in a pan or microwave, stirring till smooth. Pour the chocolate onto the wax or parchment paper. Spread it into an even layer, about 1/4 of an inch thick.
Place the chopped candy on top of the chocolate. Then place the baking sheet into the refrigerator to chill for thirty minutes, or until the chocolate has hardened.

Remove the bark from the refrigerator. Cut into triangle shaped pieces. Serve or store in an air tight container, in a cool place.

Kelli B💻

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