Las Paletas

Las Paletas frozen treats

Ok, this is our new obsession, Las Paletas. Paletas is a frozen treat, similar to an ice pop, made with ripe fresh fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients including grains, nuts, flowers, and herbs from community gardens. I would call it a gourmet Popsicle.

Sisters Norma and Irma Paz, wanted to showcase the very diverse Mexican cuisine as part of their culture, a culture that prides itself on making food from scratch for our loved ones. They launched their adventure by Irma learning the art of Paleta making from a paletero (Paleta maker) in a small town in western Mexico where the knowledge is passed on from generation to generation, while Norma handled everything needed to start the business back in Nashville.

Las Paletas offers “cream” Paletas that have the texture of an ice cream bar and “fruit” Paletas that have the texture of a traditional ice pop. Las Paletas offers twenty or more flavors each day. You will find traditional’Mexican flavors such as lime, tamarind, pineapple with chile peppers, hibiscus, avocado, hot chocolate with chile peppers, and Mexican caramel. You will also find other flavors like peanut butter, chocolate banana, chocolate with chocolate chips, pumpkin, corn, basil, and lime with mint.

Some of our favorites are strawberry with lime, strawberry pineapple banana, plum, and peanut butter with chocolate chips.

Las Paletas are located directly across from Sevier Park, so you can grab a Paletas and walk around the park while you enjoy your healthy treat.

This makes for a great weekend outing!

Don’t just take my word ask Bobby Flay they beat him at a throw down!

Las Paletas
2907 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN

Kelli B💻

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