Burger Up

burger up photos

Ok, we were hanging out in the 12th South area walking around and shopping when we met up with LB and Gman for dinner. We decided on Burger Up and opted to sit out on the patio to enjoy the evening and people watch.

In our experience it’s not very often that a restaurant gives you the information of where your meat came from and how it was raised. But, knowing the source of their beef wasn’t enough. They decided to focus the entire concept of Burger Up on thoughtful consuming – meaning they take great care to source their other menu items from local farms practicing sustainability and humane treatment of animals. An ever-expanding array of Tennessee and surrounding area farms are represented on their menu. Seasonally, one could visit a local Farmer’s Market and recreate a vast majority of their menu.

Upon ordering, we choose the all American, Mushroom and Woodstock burgers. Everything is so fresh, they make their own ketchup and mustard. Hats off, to going out to eat and having the farm to table experience. Our burgers were great perfectly flavored but we must say the, “Truffle Fries” had us singing! Wow what a taste.

The decor is awesome even the tables and stools were built by the co-owner using local wood. We love the vibe and feel of Burger Up, it feels like community. It is a true pleasure to dine here.

We highly suggest you give them a try, we believe you will become a regular!

P.S. You may want to make your dinner date a little early so you can walk around and enjoy the 12th south neighborhood.

Kelli B and Lisa B

Burger Up is located at:
2901 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37204

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