Snow White Drive-In

Snow White Drive-In

Snow White Drive-In just hearing that name makes me happy! Located in Lebanon, TN. It is known for their milkshakes, hand pulled barbeque and Friday night Cruise-ins, Snow White has been a part of Wilson County history since 1953.

We enjoy going, ordering our favorites which are their burgers, french fries, ice cream cones and hot fudge cake. Now that I’ve got you hungry.

The hot fudge cake even by itself is worth the trip to Lebanon. The homemade taste reminded us of being a kid and tasting grandma’s delicious deserts. They also serve plate lunches with a meat and three!

The staff is so friendly and will probably remember you the next time you come by and even call you a local. It does bring back memories. You really have to go on a Friday night and check out the fabulous looking antique cars and trucks while a local band plays outdoors. You really feel like you are back in the “fifties” ready to do some cruising.

So you can either eat indoors or pull up and have a car hop take your order. Oh and don’t forget to put a quarter in the jukebox while your reminisce and order your Snow White homemade shake.

Kelli B and Lisa B

Snow White Drive-In
1714 W Main St
Lebanon, TN 37087

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