Cool Stuff Weird Things

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On one of our recent outings, Lisa B and I were driving around the Nashville West area and I see this shop, “Cool Stuff Weird Things” well, you know we had to stop. With a name like this you know you are in for an adventure! Lol! That is exactly what we had, this shop has a little bit of everything. Some items you expect but most you don’t. Things from 50’s till today, knick knacks lots of metals, lighted metal signs and letters, furniture, collectibles, decor, music tapes and CDs. Upstairs you will find vintage clothing, hats, purses and all manner of clothing. We had a great time exploring. Some things reminded us of being kids, which is always fun. As we walked around pointing things out and talking to others, the time had passed by us. Every time we made it around the shop we found things we hadn’t seen the first time. You will have to move things around and get in with both hands but you just may find hidden treasures!

This is just one of those “gitchy” places that has unexpected items, the kind you will find that one thing you have been searching for, forever. So put on your dig around clothes and head over to West Nashville and hunt for your treasure. Bring a friend, it makes the hunt better!

I really do love this store! The owner, Skip is a real hoot, and is always ready to help find things that suit your discerning and distinctive tastes. He is also flexible with his pricing, which is great. Skip has a great eye, and on top of that he is a really nice guy. He makes shopping here a very pleasant experience and it’s no wonder he has such a loyal and stylish following.

Christmas shopping couldn’t get any better, Cool Stuff Weird Items, just may fill your list. Don’t forget to stop by Wendell’s for lunch before or after shopping.

I hope you enjoy this neat find!

Cool Stuff Weird Things
4900 Charlotte Pike
Nashville, TN. 37209

Kelli B 💻

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