You Don’t Know Jack

Jack White

Jack White that is. We often joke about who is the latest celebrity or famous person that has moved to Nashville. One musician that we really like that has moved here is Jack White. His second solo album Lazaretto is a breath of fresh air. You can describe it as a hodge podge of of rock, blues and country, filtered through a young boy born and raised in Detroit.

Jack has said that his musical universe has it’s origin with the delta blues artist, Son House. He wanted to reproduce that musical experience and I think that he has.

Jack wrote and recorded the music for the album without any lyrics. He crushed writer’s block by going back to the lyrics he wrote when he was 19 years old. It was like he collaborated with his younger self. That was the way he got out of his bind and had the vocals for his project.

Lazaretto is currently up for several grammy nominations. Best alternative music album, best rock song and best rock performance. His Indie label Third Man also located in Nashville, is up for two nominations.

His label releases albums and singles primarily on vinyl records. The grammy nods for Third Man include “The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records Volume One”, which is a best boxed or special limited edition package. The second is for Neil Young’s “A Letter Home”.

Not bad for a former upholster whose passion for music and songs has given us Lazaretto.

The 57 annual Grammy awards will be broadcast live on CBS on February 8, 2015. I will be rooting for the music that Jack built.

Lisa B

P.S. January 28, 2015, Jack White is in concert at the Bridgestone Arena, Nashville TN. With special guest, Loretta Lynn, a few tickets are still available.
What an awesome concert this will be!

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