Wendell’s Restaurant

Wendell's Restaurant pic

Lisa and I were out doing some shopping and decided to check out Wendell’s Restaurant. Which is a perfect name because that is Lisa’s Dad’s name. He is the most fun guy to talk and hang with, he always keeps you laughing, I will let Lisa tell you more about him.

Yep, my dad Wendell is a riot. There is always a tall tale or some type of story or adventure that he loves to tell and will have you rolling in stitches. So seeing a sign with his name on it had to be something we needed to look into. Plus if it checked out, I would definitely bring him by.

We drove into the parking lot and there was no parking spaces, that is always a good sign. We circled a few times and a space opened, so we parked and made are way up to the door. The place was packed, a booth opened up and we made are way back to it. This place has a great warm, inviting, old fashioned, small town feel, which we loved!

The waitress came over, greeted us and made us feel welcomed. She told us about the menu took our drink order and left us to make our decisions.

We decided on chicken, squash, mashed potatoes, gravy and a roast beef special. All home cooked with large portions, we filled up fast. We also took advantage of their long list of deserts and ordered a slice of fudge pie. Oh my gosh!

Wendell’s opened in 1950 and is third generation owned and operated. With six meats and fifteen vegetables everyday they are a staple of West Nashville.

It seems like Mayberry on a Sunday afternoon with it’s hometown feel. So plan a visit and order your favorite southern style dish and save room for some yummy “Banana Puddin”!

Wendell’s Restaurant
407 53rd Avenue North
Nashville, TN. 37209

Kelli B & Lisa B

Wendell's menu pic

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