Love Sex and Dirty Diapers


Wow, that kind of sums up my thoughts when I peed on the stick, sitting on the side of the tub my thoughts were racing my head was spinning as I waited for the results which the instructions said took twenty minutes. As soon as my urine hit that stick two lines came up! Sweet sassy, I sat on the tub for five minutes waiting for one of the lines to disappear, then I heard my husband knock on the door and say are you ok, I opened the door and said ” there are two lines” he responded with “it takes twenty minutes, you are not pregnant”. So he grabs me by the hand and leads me to the couch, where we sat quietly looking at the wall for thirty minutes.

Every time we looked and every time I retook the test it came up positive. So now to process, we sat on the edge of that couch with a glazed look of shock and terror, next thing we knew the sun was setting. How could we have sit there for so long? It seemed as if only an hour had passed but it had been four and a half hours! My husband (who was 19) put his arm around me and said this is so great, everything will be fine. We had only been married for two and a half months, now the fun was over, the bliss is gone how could this happen. Those were all my thoughts.

The truth is marriage was just beginning, we were just starting our love story. My son just turned 21 and my husband and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. Our love is deeper and stronger now than when we first married. The key is balance, do not put all your attention on your kids and forget your partner. Continue to cultivate and grow that love, date your mate. Your kids will grow up and make lives for themselves and you and your partner will be there to enjoy all that is to come. Kids love when their parents are in love, it makes them feel secure. Never forget to honor and respect each other.

Boy was I wrong the fun was just starting, yes there was a lot of work, but much more love, joy, laughter, and awesome memories! I can’t relay in enough words how much more there is to life than “Love, Sex, and Dirty Diapers”. We have just begun to live, and I’m so excited for what is to come.

I write this to encourage couples of every age, enjoy every moment, laugh even in the tough times, this too will pass, remember why you fell in love, relish every moment with your kids, take loads of pictures, celebrate everything, life is great and will only get better.

Remember you are not stuck, enjoy and be thankful for what you have, that is when you truly live!

Kelli B 💻

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