Walking the Plank

Are you at a time in your life when your body is screaming at you that it does not like what you are doing or not doing to it? I was at that point several months ago. I could hardly roll out of bed and barely got my shoes tied. (Insert sad music here). I was sitting behind a computer all day with no exercise until finally I came to my day of reckoning. (Now image happier music here). I started with stretching first, lifting weights which were small ones, and walking. Oh yeah I used smaller plates for dinner which cut in half the food I usually ate. Who said we have to eat everything on our plate.

Okay I am a newbie at this and little did I know that you have to have fat-burning cardio and moves that center in on the entire core of your body rather than individual muscles in order to get better results. I had been doing crunches all the time and my bubble just did not want to leave. It was not until someone told me about planks that things started turning around. They actually do work.

There are different plank ab workouts that you can use and you can find them by searching on the internet. Start out every other day for three days a week with the workout of your choice. Do a circuit of them for a maximum fat burn. Below is an example of a basic plank. Position yourself like you are doing a pushup, form a straight line, then contract your stomach and hold for 60 seconds.

Make your body walk the plank by eating better and getting the exercise it needs.

Lisa B


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  1. Heath says:

    Great article Lisa!

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