Christmas Shopping Made Easy!

Christmas shopping pic

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to get out and give to others. I hear people say, I hate trying to find gifts, I think this comes from not knowing where to start. I have to admit I enjoy getting out and trying to get the right gift for each person on my list. It is thrilling and exciting to know you are blessings friends and family. I like finding places that have unique and gitchy gifts. So here are a few of my favorite shops in and around Nashville and online.

White’s Mercantile, love love this store! Located in the 12th South neighborhood in Nashville. You will enjoy looking around not only do they have unique awesome items, the staff is super friendly and ready to help.

Harp & Angle is one of my new favorites online, they have some awesome handmade items. I love them all and want one of everything! No lie, truly love their workmanship, check them out at,

The Market Place at Amberleaf, they have so many vendors and they add new things daily. Truly a great place to find everything from jewelry to jam. The are located on the square in Gallatin and are open, Wednesday-Saturday. You will cross off many names on your list.

This is just a few of my favorite places, I will be adding more soon. I hope you have a fun and happy experience as you shop for the ones you love. Feel free to share your favorites.

Kelli B

Some of my favorite things to shop for around the holidays is movies, music and tech. At McKay’s in Nashville I like to search for hard to find movies on blue-ray, especially comedies. I like to grab a history or documentary that you can’t find on Netflix too. I always go in without a list and I get a little overwhelmed looking at all of their titles. That just makes it more of an adventure. Check out our blog about McKay’s Book Store.

For tech stuff I usually browse over at the local Best Buy. I look over all things Apple first. This year Best Buy has an Asus – 11.6” Laptop with 2GM Memory for $99 while supplies last. This is good if you have a tween and just want them to search the web and do homework.

I also like to search through Amazon for movies and especially hard to find titles in music. Not everything is on iTunes believe or not. I still like holding a CD in my hand.

Hope you have a successful shopping time this season.

Lisa B

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