Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza picture

If you are looking for a fun healthy easy dessert that wows your family and guests, you will enjoy this easy recipe It is great for parties, cookouts, office potluck, and picnics. The recipe can easily be changed up with the fruits you like, so add to or take off, it’s your choice. A great healthy alternative to high calorie desserts. Have Fun!

Fruit Pizza


Kiwi cut in rounds
Peaches cut in moon shapes
Grapes cut in half
Strawberries cut in half
Shredded Coconut


Cut your watermelon into circles then cut circles into triangles and place in a wax paper lined pizza box. Top with remaining fruits in any order you would like and refrigerate. Before serving top with shredded coconut and enjoy.

Kids and adults love making and eating this pizza. I sometimes give everyone a watermelon wedge and let them design their own fruit pizza with the fruits and toppings they want, be creative.

Kelli B 💻

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