Homemade Orange Pineapple Sherbet

I grew up with the great privilege of having a grandmother who taught me to make so many things and one of my favorites is, homemade ice cream. Thanks to her I have experimented with so many types, peach, peppermint, banana, chocolate, cherry, strawberry, butter pecan, cookies and cream, salted caramel, and so many more. I also started trying to make sherbets and sorbets, which I must say I love!!! I have made orange, lime, strawberry margarita, grape, lemon, blackberry, but one of my favorites, which is so simple and easy is orange pineapple. It’s so refreshing and bubbly. I love my ice cream maker, it opens unlimited possibilities. I hope you will give this a try, it is very kid friendly and fun to make. Gather your family and friends and share some fun. Happy experimenting!😊


1 16 oz. Can of crushed pineapple in its own juice

1 can of condensed milk (not evaporated)

1 2-Liter of Orange Crush

Ice Cream Maker


Ice cream salt


Makes 4 quarts.

In ice cream cylinder pour in condensed milk, pineapples and juice, stir together well.
Next, slowly pour in Orange Crush while stirring, until you get to the fill line on the inside of your cylinder. Place paddle in your cylinder and put the lid on. Place inside of ice cream maker. Top with motor and layer with ice and salt. Add more ice and salt as needed. When the ice cream maker starts to slow you know your getting close, when it stops ice cream is ready. Remove from ice cream maker and serve. Can be store in a plastic freezer safe container.

Tip: I place my condensed milk, pineapple, and soda in refrigerator overnight so when I mix it together the next day it will freeze faster.

Kelli B 😊

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