True Love

Marriage picture

True Love

First I want to start by saying I have been married to, “Sweet Daddy”, for twenty-two years. We got married young and grew up together, we were in love but also best friends. I will tell you, I love him! I can’t wait to talk to him everyday, he calls me at least three plus times a day. You would think we were newlyweds. Anything that happens I get so excited to share it with him. Our son just turned twenty one, how did that happen, I’m not sure, but the ride has been awesome. Let me tell you we have had ups and downs in life but one constant has been our love, we have celebrated our anniversary date every month. We have never skipped, each month on the eighth day we celebrate our love. Keeping yourself in remembrance of that bliss and happiness, the take your breath away touch of the one you love. Yes, I say marriage is a good thing!

Kelli B 💻

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